Your Next Steps

Are You Qualified?

Dr. Grill awards franchise opportunities to only those who successfully progress through the Application Process. With this in mind, we consider a Franchisee to be a unique person driven by entrepreneurial spirit. As a franchisee you will be running your own business, yet within the parameters of Dr.Grill’s brand and business format. You will not only have to have the required financial resources and track record, but you will also have to possess the attributes of a business owner to successfully fulfill your role as a Dr.Grill’s franchisee. If that is the case, and you are ready for new challenge and exiting opportunity, contact us today!

Your Investment

Setting up a Dr.Grill’s Restaurant is made easy through our team of professionals in every stage from site selection to launch. Comparatively we have low start-up costs of upto 20-25 Lakhs for a Classic Outlet and 5-8 Lakhs for an Express Counter inclusive of franchise fee apart from the real estate costs. However, depending on the location there may be some variation in cost, so contact us for more details

Your Next Steps

10 Quick and Easy steps to the Grand Opening of your store:

  • Submit ‘Request for Franchise‘ form
  • Submit Franchise Application
  • Meet Dr.Grill Team
  • Conduct Research & Location Selection
  • Secure Financing
  • Sign Franchise Agreement
  • Sign Lease Agreement
  • Attend Training
  • Build Your Store
  • Celebrate Grand Opening

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