Our Food

Why Dr.Grill Chicken is the Best?

Our Food

Food Safety

  • Dr.Grill sells grilled chicken as a healthy alternative to fried chicken served in fast food restaurants.
  • Our signature grilled chicken and Vegetarian food are made without unhealthy substances or processes.
  • Our minimalist menu include: grilled chicken; wraps and sandwiches; along with a few sides, appetizers and ice creams.
  • The food will be fresh and prepared daily or based on order with strict quality standards.
  • At the heart of food preparation lies our secret select spices and herbs, making the signature grilled chicken, ‘tastiest and healthiest’..

Dr.Grill follows HACCP standards at every stage of food preparation and service. Particularly, we are committed to offer high quality chicken with nutritional benefits by adhering to the following principles.

  • Buy from approved suppliers: We source chicken from suppliers who adhere to international food safety standards (HACCP).
  • Use only younger and tender bird: The bird is harvested at right time to give the best taste with health benefits.
  • Safe transportation of the meat: The birds are transported and received as fresh meat under controlled temperature directly from factory to our store.
  • Maintain right temperature at every stage: The birds are marinated, cooked and stored at the right temperature to prevent food poising.
  • Prepare and serve fresh: Chicken is grilled and served fresh daily


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