Our Story

Whenever Ram-an academic and his business partner Anand-an IT professional had parties, only they relished the locally available rotisserie grill chicken. Their families, particularly kids could not enjoy the chicken due to high spicy levels apart from the inconsistent taste and obvious food safety issues. This landed them in lot of trouble with family, to put it mildly. While their attempt to find rotisserie grilled chicken suitable for family party was met with disappointment, their eyes became wider sensing the possible business opportunity.

They started visiting every other grilled chicken restaurant in Coimbatore and tasted and studied what was available in the market and researched the business potential. Whoever they asked to name the restaurant that served the best grilled chicken, could not come up with a name or seem puzzled! Bingo! Both decided their restaurant will strive to earn that name not only locally but also globally.

With further research, coupled with Ram’s experience in barbecue and grilling from Australia and Anand’s experience in digital marketing and their combined experience in business development, culminated in a restaurant business proposal. They envisioned a fast-casual restaurant offering ‘deliciously healthy’ grilled chicken that is family focused and freshly prepared and becoming an alternative to fried chicken served in fast food restaurants. Thus born Dr.Grill!

Soon joined by two of their friends as seed funders, they have started their wonderful journey in the good food movement. Now they are really enjoying the peace with family and not to say the perfectly grilled chicken-most of the time alone, sshhh…:-)

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