Read ‘Nutrition Facts’, before you bite our Chicken!

In the age of information, it is important for restaurants to publicize the nutrition facts of the food they serve. It is not only a mark of good business practice, but the transparency will help customers to make an informed choice about what they eat that can impact their health in a positive way. Though it is not mandatory for restaurants and food establishments still we at Dr.Grill feel it is the right thing to do. Particularly we feel it is important to provide nutrition facts of our most popular and signature rotisserie grilled chicken.

In a serving of 100g, our regular chicken has ‘Zero’ trans-fat and ‘26.3’ grams of protein. Please have a look at the above nutrition label for more information. The % Daily Values (%DVs) given here are based on the Daily Value recommendations for key nutrients for a 2,000 calorie daily diet. Though like many, you may not know the exact calories you consume per day, but still you can use the %DV as a reference. According to this, if one consumes 200 grams of chicken that will meet the daily average protein requirement. For a fitness freak, probably consuming more serving will meet the excess protein need. If somebody is focused on building muscles like a body builder then s/he should take professional help in calculating the daily protein requirement. Follow this link to know more about nutrition facts.

Happy healthy eating folks!

Read ‘Nutrition Facts’, before you bite our Chicken!

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