10 Reasons why Dr.Grill Chicken is the best!

When we revisited our food concept and had discussion about the popularity of our Grilled Chicken with our loyal clients, we could identify the top 10 reasons that made Dr.Grill chicken very popular in the shortest time of one year. These are:

  1. freshly sourced bigger and tender bird;
  2. chicken is not fried in oil;
  3. chicken is cooked in indirect heat/flame;
  4. we do not use artificial ingredients;
  5. our birds are well cooked inside;
  6. the juiciness lasts till the end;
  7. no raw spices on the grill;
  8. the skin is never burnt;
  9. chicken retains the goodness and nutrients and lastly,
  10. the grills are available in many flavours and in customizable spicy levels.

Last month saw the promotional video describing the ‘10 reasons’ going viral on social media.

Please view the video posted above and share with your friends.

10 Reasons why Dr.Grill Chicken is the best!

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