Dr.Grill is a ‘good food fast’!

That’s how Dr.Grill has redefined ‘fast food’. It also explains why Dr.Grill chose rotisserie style grilling of Chicken: it just tastes great and a healthy alternative! The secret to the great taste lies in the rotisserie grilling process which ‘defats’ the meat in high heat without losing the juice. The chicken grilled in this method will have a lower fat content and a good source of key nutrients like Protein and essential vitamins and minerals. Importantly, the fat will add great flavor and make the meat juicy as it cooks and drips from the chicken. That’s why rotisserie chicken is the moist flavorful meat with a nicely browned crispy skin.

Folks, we can vouch for it as we just got to taste our first batch recently. Please see the pictures. The chicken was golden brown and deliciously juicy. Finally, a ‘deliciously healthy’ food that doesn’t taste ‘yuck’!

Dr.Grill is a ‘good food fast’!

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