Dr.Grill is also for women and kids!

We noticed that on many occasions grill restaurants are frequented only by ‘guys’ and not ‘families’ or ‘women’ or ‘kids’. Is this local trend somehow related to the ‘men grill, women cook’ attitude prevalent in the West? Or is it just some difficult to explain another ‘Indian thing’? We are truly puzzled about this and other below observations (mainly from Coimbatore).

  • It is mostly men or the so called, ‘guys’ who enjoy grill Chicken.
  • Grill seems to be the most popular ‘stag’ party food.
  • Grill is rarely a ‘family’ take away food as it is either ‘hot’ or ‘hot and spicy’ and neither ‘soft’ on kid’s tender palate nor ‘easy’ on their morning bowel ritual.
  • Grill restaurants’ ambiance is not inviting to families as it is either ‘street corner’ type or ‘star hotel’ type.
  • Grill restaurants are seldom a kid’s friendly space.
  • Some women (read, girl friends) feel grill is a ‘guy’ thing and they are disadvantaged when it comes to tasting grill.
  • Some women (read, wives) believe that ‘grill’ is a ‘husband’ thing and they equally hate ‘grill’.

Is the above observation a result of our delusion of not tasting that ‘grilled to perfection’ Chicken (we will blog on this interesting topic very soon!) or a general one? We need your help to find an answer.

On a serious note, as our vision is to make Dr.Grill a family oriented, kids focussed and a ‘gang’ hang around, we really need to know your views on some of the above observations. Importantly, it will help us to fine tune our restaurant concept and to become the best grill restaurant in Coimbatore. While we are busy preparing a survey for this purpose, we welcome your immediate comments. Happy weekend folks!

Dr.Grill is also for women and kids!

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