Coimbatore, here comes Dr.Grill !

A humble dedication to our beloved Coimbatoreans with discerning palate: Dr. Grill. Dr. Grill is a soon to be opened ‘quick service restaurant’ and we prefer it to call it that way instead of ‘fast food’ because we do not want any preconceived notions of a ‘fast food’ to be attached to our specialty and healthy grilled recipe. We will be located near Lakshmi Mills Junction on Avinashi Road with delivery, take away and dine-in options.

Dr.Grill will strive to establish itself as the’ tastiest and healthiest grill restaurant’ in Coimbatore that caters to adults as well as kids, and global as well as local tastes.  While maintaining uncompromising principles of a for profit enterprise, we want to create an unforgettable happy experience to our clients through healthy and hearty food. To put it simply, we leave no stone unturned in getting that ‘grilled to perfection’ chicken and vegetarian food to you as never before.

As in life, true happiness is in the ‘journey’ and our approach to bringing Dr.Grill to you is quite similar: that is, we are going to enjoy and cherish every moment on this journey, and through this blog and social media (FB and Twitter) we will promise to take you along. To stay connected and get updates…like our FB page here.

Happy weekend!

Coimbatore, here comes Dr.Grill !
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